Color your Meditation!

Susan's visions of color and energy have assisted her to create Solfeggio Mandalas. Awakening within us, an inner light that heals the heart, releases the spirit and connects us all to create something greater than the sum. Without limitations...
with Gratitude,
with Joy,
with Love.

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Intuitive Artist, Susan Prout

Transform your life by connecting with the loving healing energy of your angel with a personal guardian angel portrait.

As an Intuitive Angel Artist Susan sees into the angelic realms to see the angels in their pure light form. This rare and unique gift was given to Susan at a very young age during near death experiences. Giving her a most unusual view of energy and how it touches and connects us all.

Your angel will lead you down a path of self discovery, one which reveals qualities and strengths you didn't know you had and transforms your life assisting you in realising your goals and dreams for the future. Each drawing holds its own inspirational and healing energy carrying a very high vibration.

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Healing/Integrated Energy Therapy

Susan Prout is also an intuitive healer recognized for ability to simultaneously serve multiple levels of dis-ease in physical, mental/emotional and spiritual aspects. If one aspect is at dis-ease, the others become unbalanced as well. Symptoms of dis-ease are clues that our body, mind and spirit are unbalanced.

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Many of you have been asking to see this transformational art on other products, so you can carry it with you. For that purpose I have created a Zazzle shop where you can purchase products from cell phone cases to pillows, mugs and more, with more images and products to be added soon!

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Solfeggio Mandala: Universal
Solfeggio mandala 159 Hz
Mandala 159 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 261 Hz
Mandala 261 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 372 Hz
Mandala 372 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 483 Hz
Mandala 483 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 594 Hz
Mandala 594 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 615 Hz
Mandala 615 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 726 Hz
Mandala 726 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 837 Hz
Mandala 837 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 948 Hz
Mandala 948 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala: Angelic
Solfeggio Mandala 111 Hz
Mandala 111 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 222 Hz
Mandala 222 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 333 Hz
Mandala 333 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 444 Hz
Mandala 444 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 555 Hz
Mandala 555 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 666 Hz
Mandala 666 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 777 Hz
Mandala 777 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 888 Hz
Mandala 888 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 999 Hz
Mandala 999 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala: Earthly
Solfeggio mandala 174 Hz
Mandala 174 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 285 Hz
Mandala 285 Hz
Solfeggio 396 Hz Mandala
Mandala 396 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 417 Hz
Mandala 417 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 528 Hz
Mandala 528 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 639 Hz
Mandala 639 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 741 Hz
Mandala 741 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 852 Hz
Mandala 852 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 963 Hz
Mandala 963 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala: Natural
Solfeggio mandala 198Hz
Mandala 198Hz
Solfeggio mandala 219Hz
Mandala 219Hz
Solfeggio mandala 321Hz
Mandala 321Hz
Solfeggio mandala 432Hz
Mandala 432Hz
Solfeggio mandala 543Hz
Mandala 543Hz
Solfeggio mandala 654z
Mandala 654Hz
Other Mandalas
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