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Yahel - An angel who's name is inscribed on the fourth pentacle of the moon.

Yahriel - Yahriel is one of the angels of the moon and is sometimes invoked by magicians when performing rituals involving the moon.

Yarashiel - One of the numerous angelic guards of the gates of the East Wind.

Yefefiah (Dina) - Angel of the Torah, instructed Moses in the mysteries of the cabala.

Yehudiah (Yehudiam) - Yehudiah is the angel of bereavement and can be called upon for comfort when a loved one dies. He also helps carry the souls of the dead up to Heaven. Because of this, he is considered an angel of death in Judaism. He is one of God's chief messengers and is the guardian angel of people born between September 3 & 7.

Yeialel - This angels purpose is to help you remove sorrow and shame the evil and those who bear false witnesses. Confounds evil, protects especially against the evil eye. Influences tradesmen, locksmiths, blacksmiths and those who deal in iron products.

Yeiayel - This angel dominates the wealth, fame, diplomacy and trade. Influences travel and discovering new ways or vocations.

Yekahel - One of the spirits of the planet Mercury. His name is inscribed on the first pentacle of the planet.

Yephiel - The angels whose name is found on an Asian charm for warding off evil.

Yerathel - This angel helps confuse the conspirators, protects against people who attack us in court, and intervenes in the propagation of light and the liberation of society.

Yetzer Hara (Yetzer Ra) - In the Jewish tradition, Yetzer Hara symbolizes the dar, or evil, side of everyone's nature. He is often thought to be the angel of death and/or Satan.

Yophiel (Iofiel or Yofiel) - Angel of Divine Beauty - Yophiel is the Jewish angel of beauty. In Jewish tradition, Yophiel, Metatron, and Yefifiyyah placed Moses on his couch immediately before he dies, In the Zohar, Yophiel is considered one of the leading angels, with 53 legions of lesser angels attending him.

Yrouel - His name is found inscribed on amulets worn by women during pregnancy. Yrouel is the angel of fear, a common angel.

Yurkemi - The angel of hail. A legend says that Yurkemi offered to extinguish the fire consuming the three men in the fiery furnace but Gabriel would not have it, contending that Yurkemi's help would not suffice.

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Transform your life with Your Guardian Angel Portrait !!!

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Solfeggio Mandala: Universal
Solfeggio mandala 159 Hz
Mandala 159 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 261 Hz
Mandala 261 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 372 Hz
Mandala 372 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 483 Hz
Mandala 483 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 594 Hz
Mandala 594 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 615 Hz
Mandala 615 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 726 Hz
Mandala 726 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 837 Hz
Mandala 837 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 948 Hz
Mandala 948 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala: Angelic
Solfeggio Mandala 111 Hz
Mandala 111 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 222 Hz
Mandala 222 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 333 Hz
Mandala 333 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 444 Hz
Mandala 444 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 555 Hz
Mandala 555 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 666 Hz
Mandala 666 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 777 Hz
Mandala 777 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 888 Hz
Mandala 888 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 999 Hz
Mandala 999 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala: Earthly
Solfeggio mandala 174 Hz
Mandala 174 Hz
Solfeggio mandala 285 Hz
Mandala 285 Hz
Solfeggio 396 Hz Mandala
Mandala 396 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 417 Hz
Mandala 417 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 528 Hz
Mandala 528 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 639 Hz
Mandala 639 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 741 Hz
Mandala 741 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 852 Hz
Mandala 852 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala 963 Hz
Mandala 963 Hz
Solfeggio Mandala: Natural
Solfeggio mandala 198Hz
Mandala 198Hz
Solfeggio mandala 219Hz
Mandala 219Hz
Solfeggio mandala 321Hz
Mandala 321Hz
Solfeggio mandala 432Hz
Mandala 432Hz
Solfeggio mandala 543Hz
Mandala 543Hz
Solfeggio mandala 654z
Mandala 654Hz
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